Gordon wins case for homeowner’s association

Keefe, Anchors & Gordon News

In December, Keefe, Anchors & Gordon partner Ben Gordon prevailed in a key case in favor of a homeowner’s association client.

In the case, the Court ordered that the owner of a four-story, semi-completed house — complete with a rooftop swimming pool — bring the structure into compliance with the Association’s guidelines or be demolished. The owner took the position that it would be unfair and wasteful to require that such a significant structure be destroyed. Gordon successfully argued that, absent obeying the Association’s rules, the only meaningful solution was removing the entire structure. The building became an eye-sore at the entrance of the high-end coastal community and posed significant safety risks. This ruling removes an unnecessary burden on property values and promotes a safer and more aesthetically pleasing community.

“The law is constantly evolving, but our goal at KAG is to always be at the forefront of the legal profession here on the Gulf Coast,” said Gordon. “That means constantly tracking changes to legislation and case law that could impact our clients and carefully building our cases before we ever enter a courtroom.”